How to Setup Dual Monitors | Guide

Do you have a lot of work to do but not enough screen space to do it? You may benefit from using dual monitors. With two screens, you can keep all your essential applications and documents open simultaneously, without having to switch back and forth between them. How to setup dual monitors? | Very Easy … Read more

how to put MacBook on airplane mode?

how to put MacBook on airplane mode

Whenever you travel in an airplane, you hear the warning to Turn off your Electronic Devices, which can cause problems with Plane Navigation. All your Devices include Airplane Mode, which will cut off any Electronic Singles. In our Smartphones, we find a simple Toggle for it, and what about other Devices include MacBook? How to … Read more

how to save pictures on MacBook

how to save pictures on MacBook

If you’re like most MacBook users, you probably take many pictures with your computer. But what happens when you want to save those images and can’t find your USB drive? Or what if you’re going to share a photo album with someone online? This guide will show you how to save pictures on a MacBook … Read more