How to print 4×6 photos on an HP Printer

Lets see How to print 4×6 photos on an HP Printer? Do you want to print your favorite photos, but they’re not the right size? Don’t worry; you can easily print 4×6 photos on the printer.

You can print your favorite 4×6 photos right at home if you have an HP printer! It’s easy to do and doesn’t require special software or hardware. Let’s get started!

How to print 4×6 photos on a HP Printer

Steps to print your favorite photos on a printer:

  1. If you have a paper tray on the bottom of the printer, pull that out and then line up your 4×6 photo sheets on it with their long side going left to right.
  2. Put them in the feed tray in front of the glass.
  3. Load your photo paper into the printer’s standard paper tray, but make sure you put it face down.
  4. Format your photos to 4×6 inches in either “portrait” or “landscape.” You can do this by clicking on the top left gear button when viewing a picture and then clicking on the size of the photo you want.
  5. Hit “print,” and your printer will print out 4×6 photos exactly to scale!


Can I use blank photo sheets?

A. Yes, you can use 4×6 blank photo sheets for this! It’s perfect because most printers don’t print the photo paper itself, but rather it goes through an automated process to make sure they are centered and formatted correctly. This way, your printer only prints the photo with no added work.

Do I need any special software or hardware?

A. No, you need a printer and photo paper! There’s nothing to download or install, so this is one of the easiest ways to print photos anywhere.

Can I use other types of paper in my printer?

A: Yes, although 4×6 is the best size for printing photos, you can print on 8×10 or bigger sizes. Just make sure that any paper you use is high-quality and printer-safe.

How long will it take for my printer to print these photos?

A: This depends on your printer and what you’re printing. It should only be a few minutes, though.

How to print 5×7 photos on a Hp printer?

A: You can print 5×7 photos on an HP printer by following above mention steps.


It’s really easy to print 4×6 photos with HP printers, and there’s nothing special that you need! Just make sure you use high-quality printer paper and your printer is loaded with photo paper. Happy printing!

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