Wooden VS Metal Computer Desk – Why Should I Buy or Not?

Wooden VS Metal Computer Desk – Why Should I Buy or Not?

If you are going to buy a new computer desk for your workspace or home office but aren’t sure whether to choose a wooden or metal desk, you are in the right spot!

We discuss all metal and wooden computer desks in this article. So, you can make a better decision while purchasing a productive desk for your space based on facts and figures.

We all want to give a professional and well-disciplined look to our workspaces. No doubt, furniture, especially computer tables, plays a vital role in the overall look of your office. Wood furniture is long-lasting and an excellent option for your office. But it doesn’t mean you can underrate metal computed desks’ value.

Wooden Computer Desks

Wooden computer desks are attractive, comfortable to work at, and long-lasting, but they are expensive and prone to scratches. On the other hand, metal computer desks are designed to be durable, sleek, and low-maintenance, but they are heavy.

If you want to know more about wooden computer desks, let’s talk about their pros and cons in detail:

Why Should You Buy a Wooden Computer Desk?

Wooden or solid furniture is a great choice for a professional workspace. But you must know the advantages and disadvantages of wooden furniture, especially wooden computer tables, before choosing it for your office.

  • Wooden Desks are Durable

Whether you’re putting up a standard work computer desk or a gaming workstation, a hardwood desk could be an excellent investment due to its longevity. Solid wood cores are used in the construction of wooden desks. This is what makes a hardwood desk so strong and long-lasting.

Because of a wooden desk’s endurance, you can use it more frequently and longer because of its high durability.

  • Stronger than Plywood and Particle Board

If we talk about other solid table options, such as plywood and practical boards, wooden computer tables are long-lasting and stronger than these tables. The reason is the high capability of natural wood to deal with pressure and damage.

Unfortunately, stylish board or plywood are not ideal considerations if you are searching for a durable decking option with minimal damage over time.

On the other hand, the finishing look of wooden tables is smooth and more appealing than other desk materials. However, you must properly maintain these tables for long-lasting results.

  • Natural Looking Wood Finish

The aesthetic of a natural-looking wood finish is the main advantage of a wooden computer desk. After finishing, the wooden desk gives a natural wood finish that is quite appealing.

This natural style might help your setup appear more elegant and sophisticated. Even if you are not maintaining the table appropriately, the finishing look will remain smooth and appealing for a long span.

You must acquire this quality for plywood or practical board tables through chemical-based, non-environmentally friendly coatings and painting.

  • Desk for Every Setup Needs

Wooden desks are renowned for their endless style and color options for any setup demand. Wooden desks can provide just what you’re looking for, whether for a home office, professional workspace, or a gaming enthusiast place.

You may find wooden desks in various shapes and sizes, from straight to L-shaped, pricey to economical, minimalist style to desks with unique characteristics. You can also acquire wooden computer desks that match the color scheme of your home. Indeed, it would be a great way to update your home office setup according to your home interior.

  • Easier for Cable Management

If you are worried about cable mess in your home or office, cable management is no longer an issue once you install a wooden computer desk. This desk has a complete setup to manage all cables and computer essentials.

Moreover, you can hide the cables backside of the table because of the thick structure of the wooden computer table. If you don’t like the view of cables, go for a wooden tabletop instead of glass. In this way, you can keep your cables and other essentials out of your sight well.

  • Modifiable for Longer Life

The best thing about a wooden table is that you can repair damages, scratches, and any other setup issues whenever you want. With a simple painting or wood stain coat, you can revamp the overall look of your wooden computer table in no time and effort. However, you cannot do all this in the case of a metal computer table.

On the other hand, you can also replace the damaged parts of the wooden table, such as the legs or tabletop. In this way, you don’t need to replace the whole table setup.

Why Should Not You Buy a Wooden Computer Desk?

  • Wooden Desks Can Cost You More

Unfortunately, the overall cost of a wooden computer table would be more than a normal or metal one. Even a wooden table costs you more than a practical board or plywood table. So, it wouldn’t be a great option for small-scale businesses with small budgets.

The main reason for the high cost of a wooden table is the usage or high density of natural or softwood.

  • Prone to Getting Damages Easily

Even though it is easy to manage the wooden computer table damage, this table is also more prone to damage and scratches than a normal metal table. Even a single scratch on your wooden table because of a sharp object can damage its shine of it completely.

No doubt, you can manage these issues with re-painting and re-coating. But you will surely need some skills and tools to do so. So, the decision is still yours!

  • Moving & Shifting is Hard

Because of the high density and heavy overall natural wood structure, it is hard to move and shift a wooden computer table. On the other hand, you have to put more time and effort while re-arranging a wooden desk than a metal computer desk.

You cannot detach the parts of the wooden table like a metal table by unscrewing the screws or bolts. That’s why moving or shifting a wooden table would be easier, especially for a single person.

  • Moisture or Water Damage

Natural wood is porous. That’s why water moisture can damage or affect a wooden computer table easily. If your desk is exposed to water for a long time, it will surely cause staining, sagging, and damage to your table. On the other hand, the high moisture level of a wooden table will surely damage your electronic appliances, including the computer system and cables.

Moreover, high moisture levels and excess water can also affect the overall life span of wooden computer tables.

Metal Computer Desks

Metal computer tables or desks are made up of high-quality metal. Metal tables are less prone to scratches and damage than wooden computer tables. However, these tablets also come with some benefits and disadvantages.

Let’s discuss all facts and figures about a metal computer desk before buying it:

Why Should You Buy a Metal Computer Desk?

  • Sturdy and Durable

Metal desks are highly durable and long-lasting than wooden tables. It is not easy to scratch or damage these tables. That’s why these tables can survive even in an unprofessional environment for a long span.

The best thing about this table is that it is fire and moisture-proof. Even if there are scratches on the top of a metal table, you can get rid of all scratches with a simple coating of metal paint spray.

  • Space Efficient

If you need a high-end and space-efficient computer table for your small workspace, nothing would be better than choosing a metal table. These tables are available in compact sizes. So, you can choose one according to your spacing requirements.

Not only for an office, but you can also use this computer table to set up your home office in a room or living area. The best thing is that it would be super-easy to adjust the size and height of these tables with the help of loose screws and nails.

If you don’t want to crowd your space, a metal computer desk would be an ideal choice in all circumstances.

  • Design Benefits

Metal computer tables are available in different sizes, styles, and dimensions. So, you can choose one according to your spacing needs and styling requirements. A metal desk would be a great choice even for a professional and creative workspace.

Excitingly! You can choose a metal desk accordingly to your space’s décor and layout. Moreover, the metal table has different top options, including metal, wood, and glass. Some modern metal computer tables also have drawers and cabinets. So, you can go for that type of table if you need more storage space.

  • Replaceable Parts

As mentioned above, metal desks have detachable parts, including legs and tabletops. That’s why it would be super-easy even for a normal person to replace any part of this table by simply detaching or unscrewing.

  • Do Not Get Scratches Easily

Unlike wooden computer desks, metal workstations are less likely to suffer scratches and dents. This is because metal is a harsh substance not found in nature. It may also readily prevent scratches and dents from occurring when hard items are in contact with it.

In case of any damage or scratch, the metal computer desk can be readily repaired by applying a coat of paint.

  • Moving & Shifting is So Handy

Excitingly! Moving or lifting metal computer desks is super-easy and handy compared to wooden desks. The detachable parts of the metal table make it easier to move or shift the desk if needed. All you need to do is unscrew the screws and nails if you want to move your desk from one place to another suitable place.

  • Easy Maintenance

Compared to a wooden desk, it is super-easy to maintain a metal desk with a piece of clean rag. You can also use a wet cloth to clean stains or spills on the metal desks.

You can use any cleaning tool to clean and maintain a metal computer desk without any risk of damage.

  • Affordable

A metal computer desk will be a great choice if you are looking for a low-budget setup for your workspace or a home office. A metal desk will surely cost you less than a wooden computer desk.

On the other hand, if you maintain a metal desk appropriately, you can keep it for a long span, even without a single replacement. Indeed, it would be a great way to set up your space without stepping out of your budget!

Why Should Not You Buy a Metal Computer Desk?

  • Heavy to Move & Shift

The main reason for not choosing your setup is its heavy weight. It is difficult for a single person to move or lift this desk because of its heavy weight and attached parts.

Without removing screws and bolts, moving this desk wouldn’t be possible.

  • May Damage Your Room Floor

Most metal computer desks have sharp edges and lost legs. That’s why they may cause damage to your floor. A metal desk may leave scratches on the tiles on a tiled floor. Not only to your floor but metal desks without protectors at the end of legs can also damage your carpets.

Check for the smooth finish and round end edges of the metal desk before buying it.

  • Sharp Points and Edges

Metal computer desks won’t be a great choice if you work in a busy or rushed environment. The reason is that the sharp edges of these desks may cause some damage and injuries. That’s why it is not a safe option for your workspace.

Wooden VS Metal Computer Desk: Which You Should Opt For?

No doubt, metal, and wooden computer desks are trending and in demand. Before choosing a computer desk for your workspace or home office, you must focus on your overall setup. In this way, choosing an ideal computer table for a comfortable working space would be easier.

If you want a modern yet classy office setup, it would be great to go for wooden computer desks. Indeed, it would be a great way to get a professional and well-organized working setup.

On the other hand, you can also go for a mixed setup, including metal and wooden computer tables, for an innovative and revamped workspace setup. The choice is still yours because there are no standard rules to choosing between a wooden or metal computer desk.


Hopefully, this article will help you provide all information, including minor details about wooden and metal computer tables. Now, you can make a better buying decision for your workspace or home office setup. Remember that choosing only from these two types of computer desks is not essential. You can also search for other material types to get the best-suited computer desk for your setup.


What are computer desks made of?

Well, there are different types of materials for computer desks. Metal and wood are the friendliest materials used for computer desk manufacturing.

Can I build a PC on a metal table?

If you have protected the edges of a metal computer desk with rubber pads or other security material, you can use it for your PC setup. Moreover, it is essential to appropriately ground the table on the floor before building a PC.

What is the best material to make a desk out of?

In our suggestions, soft and natural wood would be a great consideration for making a wooden desk, especially for your computer system. However, wooden tables are more expensive than others in some cases.

Is wood good for PC?

Of course, yes! However, if you use it for your PC, you must maintain the wood against moisture and water.

Is a metal desk good?

In a low-budget setup, a metal desk is a viable option. However, it wouldn’t be ideal because of unprotected and sharp edges.

Can I mount a motherboard on wood?

Of course, not! Because you have to use a special non-conductive metal round to mount the motherboard.

Can I mount a motherboard on a metal desk?

Yes, it is safe to put a motherboard on metal. Make sure the metal is non-conductive if you use it for motherboard mounting.

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