L-Shaped Desks vs Straight Desks

Let’s see L-shaped desks vs. Straight Desks” Desks come in various forms and sizes, but two have long been the most popular. L-shaped and straight desks are the best considerations for corporate and home offices in almost all conditions.

The sort of desk that best matches your office relies on several criteria, including the size and layout of your office, the type of business you run, and your personal preferences. This post will examine the differences between an L-shaped and a straight desk. Moreover, we’ll also talk about the applications and benefits of each to help you decide which is best for you.

Continue reading if you want to know about L-Shaped and straight desks in detail:

L Shaped Desks: an Overview

An L-shaped desk is formed like an L. The desk has a 90-degree corner that may be either curved or straight. In most cases, one side of the desk is longer. However, L-shaped workstations have equal lengths on both sides.

An L-shaped desk is always larger than a standard desk. That’s why it offers more storage space for your monitor, keyboard, and other equipment. Undoubtedly, an L-shaped desk also has a larger space than a rectangular desk.

You can use the longer side of the L desk for your main workspace. Moreover, you can use the shorter side of this desk to place or store your accessories such as a printer, scanner, or any other item of your choice.

Pros of L-Shaped Desk

Excitingly! L-shaped desks come with numerous benefits and storage options. Let’s take a look at the main pros of this desk in detail:

  • L Shaped Desks are More Space Efficient

As mentioned above, one side of the L-shaped desk is larger than the other. These desks offer more storage space than straight or normal desks.

The additional space on this desk can easily store other equipment and accessories. So, you don’t need to work on a messy table once you have installed an L-shaped desk with additional storage space in your office.

  • L Desks are Better for Ergonomics

If you are looking for a comfortable and reachable working zone for a desk, nothing would be a better option than choosing an L-shaped desk. This desk allows a neutral reach zone for all workers and gamers. You can roll your gaming chair easily around this desk whenever needed to access everything efficiently.

The best thing is that you can keep your upper arms resting while working on your system, placed on an L-shaped table.

  • L Shaped Desk Gives You More Workspace

If you love to work in a tidy and well-organized environment, an L-shaped desk is a great choice. The reason is that this desk offers better organization space for your system and accessories. Moreover, this desk includes several options, such as drawers and cabinets for proper file and cable management.

Moreover, you can keep your important file secure in locked and doored cabinets. You can also use the underneath area of the desk for rolling storage units.

  • L-Desk Helps Increase Productivity

Of course, we all love to work in a well-organized and mess-free place. This is not essential only for workspace discipline but also for improved productivity. No doubt, a messy room will surely leave a negative impact on your productivity level.

That’s why an L-shaped desk is ideal for gamers, office workers, and sometimes students looking for a tidy space. You can sit on whichever side you want to this desk according to your preferences.

  • Perfect Solution for Those Who are Multitasking

Whether you are a gamer or a programmer, an L-shaped desk is ideal for your workspace. The reason is that you need more storage space, accessories, and output units in these fields. So, you can multitask on your system while sitting around a comfortable and space-friendly desk.

The best thing is that you don’t need to spend too much time and effort accessing all your accessories while performing different tasks on the system. You can get all of them in desk cabinets and on the small side of the desk.

Cons of L-Shaped Desk

Even though an L-shaped desk is the best choice based on ergonomics and multiple spacing options, it also has some drawbacks. Let’s discuss a few main cons of L-shaped desks in this section:

  • L-Shaped Desk Easily Gets Cluttered

No doubt, L-shaped desks have more storage options. But it can get cluttered easily because everything is on the same surface. Moreover, if you are not looking for additional space, especially in your home office, this desk will be a mess for you.

  • Cable Management is Headache with L-Desks

It is essential to manage the wires to keep your workspace tidy and well-organized. However, it is not possible in the case of an L-shaped desk because of no appropriate cable management points on or under this desk. Moreover, the sides of this desk are covered with cabinets. That’s why the smooth surpassing of cables is an issue.

  • Ideally Limited to One Person

Even though an L-shaped desk has a large workspace, it is sufficient only for one person. You cannot adjust more than one system or person around this desk, especially when multitasking. That’s why it is a good choice for one person, such as in the home office, but not for a large workspace with many workers.

  • They are Not Place Flexible

Due to the L structure of this desk, you will need more space to place it in your room or office. In most cases, the small side of this desk remains idle, especially if you are not a professional worker or gamer. That’s why it is not an ideal consideration if you are looking for a space-friendly desking option.

  • It Could be Challenging to Carry & Move

Because of this desk’s corners and L structure, it is not easy to carry or move it. Moreover, this desk also doesn’t have rolling wheels. So, it wouldn’t be easier for a single person to move it in an emergency.

Straight Desk: an Overview

We can see the straight desk almost in every office and home. However, these desks are mostly associated with workspace furniture. The overall shape of this desk is rectangular. However, the length and width of this desk are customizable. So, one can choose it in his desired dimensions according to their spacing needs.

Most straight desks also have drawers and cabinets on the sides. People can use those drawers to store important documents and other stuff of their choice.

Pros of Straight Desk

  • Straight Desks are Best for Pure Functionality

The straight desk is an ideal consideration if you are looking for a completely functional and suitable desk option for any workspace. You can adjust it easily anywhere for better and improved functionality. Moreover, you’ll feel relaxed while sitting around straight and working on your system because of the comfortable ergonomics of this desk.

  • They Give a Nice Minimalistic Setup Look

A straight desk is best suitable for you if you want to keep your workspace simple and minimalist. A straight desk will undoubtedly give a classy look to your space, especially when you don’t need extra space and aesthetics in your desk. That’s why most offices prefer to install straight desks more than corner desks for their workers.

  • Easy to Place Anywhere You Want

Before placing anything on the desk, you don’t need to think about placement in the case of the straight desk. The reason is that the flat surface of this desk is an ideal consideration. So, you can place anything wherever you want on this desk without thinking even for a second.

  • Easier for Cable Management

Because of the space under the desk, it is easy for the workers to manage the cable while working on their system placed on the straight desk. You can also use cable management tools to store all cables appropriately underneath a straight desk.

Cons of Straight Desk

  • Straight Desks are Not Space Efficient

Straight desks don’t have additional drawers and cabinets to store different accessories. That’s why you have to install a new desk or cabinet on the side of this desk. A straight desk is not a space-efficient option, especially for home offices.

  • Straight Desks Allow Limited Work Area

Because of the placement of everything on the same surface, a straight desk offers a small work area. Limit work area can create several issues, especially if you have multiple accessories, monitors, and printing units.


Can you put an L-shaped desk in the middle of the room?

Yes, you can surely put an L-shaped desk in the middle of the room to give it a professional look. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the complete area while placing the L-shaped desk in the middle of the room. Moreover, this placement will offer you an optimal working space with better side cabinets and drawers.

However, the placement of an L-shaped or any other desk is completely your choice according to your consideration.

Can you put a straight desk in the middle of the room?

Because of a straight table’s straight surface and structure, you can place these desks in whatever position you want in a room. However, placing a desk under a natural and fake light source would be great for optimal working.

If you get distracted easily by outside views, you can surely place your straight desk in the middle of a room. So, placement considerations for each desk are different in different cases.

When an L-shaped desk is the Best Choice?

An L-shaped desk would be great if you want a high-end desk with better storage options. The best thing is that you can easily adjust these desks wherever you want according to your needs. This desk is ideal if you are looking for an affordable cubicle option for your workspace without any walls.

When the Straight desk is the Best Choice?

A straight desk is the best choice if you have a large space. Moreover, you can also go for this desk if you are looking for better cable management. The best thing is to place this table everywhere you want in your room in any direction.

Do L-shaped Desks have more Storage Space than Straight Desks?

Of course, yes! L-shaped desks have more storage space than straight desks. L-shaped desks come with side cabinets and drawers. So, you can place all your documents, accessories, and printing units on the small side or in the desk’s drawers.

Does L Shaped or Straight Desk have Drawers?

Yes, L-shaped desks have drawers and cabinets. On the other hand, straight desks don’t have drawers or cabinets.

Which Desk is Larger?

A straight desk is larger than an L-shaped desk because of the required placement pace. Because of the small and curved structure, you can place L-shaped desks in corners or the middle of the room wherever you want. But not in the case of a straight desk.

Which Desk is More Expensive?

In terms of cost, a straight desk is cheaper than an L-shaped desk.

Which Desk is Better?

No doubt, straight and L-shaped desks are both productive. But you have to choose according to your spacing and workspace needs. If you are looking for a space-efficient option, L-shaped desks are more space-efficient. On the other hand, straight desks are cost-effective. If you are looking for a desk for your office, an L-shaped desk is the best consideration. However, it will cost you more than a straight desk.

So, you can decide based on different factors, including spacing, pricing, productivity, and storing options.


Above all, choosing a desk depends on your working requirements and budgeting. Remember, you must consider a desk after considering all facts, including storage, productivity, personal comfort, and spacing. So, take your time or plan critically before buying a desk for your workspace.

Hopefully, this article will be enough for you to know about L-shaped and straight desks. Now, you can make a better decision based on facts and figures!

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