Best Chromebook For Writers – A Definite Buying Guide with Reviews

Penning down your thoughts and feelings as a writer is something few people do passionately. Gone are the days when authors and editors used to do the writing work on typewriters which was noisy and not comfortable at all.

Today, there are much more comfortable and portable options available for writers to write down anything they want. If the sole purpose to get a decent machine is writing, then opt for Chromebooks which are extremely affordable and reasonable compared to laptops.

The best Chromebook for writers is a long-term investment because Chromebooks are highly reliable and lightweight which makes your investment worthwhile.

In this article, we have prepared a list of reliable computers for writes to help them pick the right Chromebook without spending a dime.

In a hurry? Consider choosing Google Pixel Chromebook as the best device as it offers all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great Chromebook for writers: fast processing, lightweight, and huge battery backup.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Why choose a Chromebook over a Laptop?

A good writer can perform better on a machine that is highly reliable, affordable, portable, and durable. Among the most popular options, Chromebooks are commonly used by writers because portability means they help in attending meetings, reliability means you can write essays, novels, or articles for websites without any problem.

On top of that, Chromebooks are flexible and quick devices allowing you to do a handful of daily activities including browsing, writing, checking emails, and watching videos. So, basically, it satisfies your needs. What’s more interesting is the size and profile of Chromebooks which are similar to smartphones and are quite lightweight.

Chromebook runs on Chrome OS browser-based operating system which only requires a strong wi-fi connection to start your work. Special features of Chromebooks are quick to boot up, and no lag due to software.

Another thing about Chromebooks is that you can only play with chrome extensions as only Chrome runs in them, but you can get pretty much everything done from extensions without using heavier applications like Photoshop or Illustrator. Plus, the play store allows you to get your desired applications with convenience and you can relax regarding the security point of view as there is a built-in anti-virus system.

Chromebooks are good for extremely useful devices for students, journalists, copywriters, novelists, editors, and freelance writers. Everyone likes, lightweight, budget, and durable computer systems and Chromebooks are one of them.

There are few top-end Chromebooks equipped with premium features like higher resolution, larger display, 2-in-1 options, and stylus pen.

Top Chromebooks For Writers

All the Chromebooks we have selected for this list are mentioned in the comparison table below to help you make a quick decision.

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Best Chromebooks For Writers

So, what’s the best Chromebook for writing, gaming, and other entertainment purposes?

1. Google Pixelbook Go

The first best Chromebook for writers on our list is Google Pixelbook Go, by Google. Everyone one that Google is a search engine giant and everyone can expect that product to be reliable and durable because this Chromebook was released after intense research and development.

What makes the device highly portable is the 12 hours of battery life that allows you to take the device anywhere with you without worrying about the charging of the device. The time it takes to charge again is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the device is completely secure, thanks to the Titan C security chip that ensures your data is protected with a password. Plus, the built-in Antivirus adds an extra security layer. Like Apple devices, the Chromebooks are updated regularly to ensure security and provide the latest features.

What’s more useful is the 8th Gen Intel processor that boots up impressively allowing you to do instantaneous work. On top of that, the backlit keyboard is extremely helpful for writing because the higher the ergonomic and comfortable keyboard is the more suitable it is to work on the laptop.

Overall, the Google Pixelbook is an amazing device for working while commuting, making few edits to your desired documents, and sending final versions as quickly as possible. Other than that, it has a reliable battery so meeting the deadlines won’t be an issue for you.

  • Excellent design
  • Longer battery life
  • Premium touch and feels
  • Slightly expensive than other Chromebooks

2. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is a practical laptop for writing purposes and the powerful specifications of the device make it a suitable choice for freelance or professional writers as they depend on the longest battery life and great processing power.

A slow machine makes submission of work before time impossible because writing demands a comfy keyboard, longer battery life, and enough power to do multitasking or open multiple windows side-by-side for the research work to finish their writing projects that make ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 an excellent choice for busy writers.

This 14” device ensures you don’t feel the lack of screen real-estate. On top of that, the touchscreen function makes it super easier to make editing and changes using your fingers.

The system boasts an Intel Core M3-8100Y processor and a 4GM RAM, both make sure that you won’t feel any lag in performance while finishing your online assignments or submitting your thesis.

Now, the most important element is a well-built backlit ergonomic keyboard equipped with easy-to-press keys capable of handling intense or casual writing. Compared with a regular keyboard, the specialized keyboard for writing has a particular key distance, numeric keypads, and great actuation speed.

A portable laptop for writing should have to be lightweight else it would be just a weight you will be carrying around. This one weighs only 3 pounds which is enough lightweight for a Chromebook.

Finally, the battery life only decides whether a Chromebook for writing is good or not. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 comes with 1o hours of portentous battery life making itself a great Chromebook for writers.

Overall, this is the best Chromebook for writers that allows you to do effortless internet browsing and also work on your favorite writing software. If you have a tight budget like under 200 or under 300, then there are other options available on our list as well.

  • All-metal finish
  • LED Display
  • Staggering specifications
  • The silver color option only

3. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Samsung is a well-known name in manufacturing digital devices including smartphones, laptops, and TVs, and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is one of their exceptional 2-in-1 Chromebooks that comes with unique and advanced features not available in other devices and also allows you to use the device as a tablet with touchscreen.

If you want extreme portability without breaking the bank then this Chromebook with only 2.2 pounds of weight is extremely suitable for you because you won’t even feel the weight of the device in your backpack or briefcase.

Regarding specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is equipped with an Intel Core i5-10210U processor that works in combination with the 8GB RAM to deliver you the fastest processing power possible, and among all the Chromebooks for writers in our list, this one has the most powerful specs and a storage of 256GB SSD.

What’s not so charming about this device is the average 8 hours of battery life which can limit the portability though.

Other than that, if you are always on the go, then it won’t be difficult to tuck this compact Chromebook in your backpack or bag. The sturdy aluminum metal body is strong enough to bear shocks, falls, or jumps but from a certain height.

The most important aspect of this Chromebook is the 4k AMOLED display which is something that journalists, copywriters, novelists, editors, and bloggers would love to work on as higher resolutions make the exhausting writing job comfortable with every pixel so sharp and clear.

What’s more interesting is the ambient EQ that allows you to control the brightness and color of the monitor according to the environment. There is a built-in pen as well that writers would love the most. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is the goldmine for productivity with so many unique options and powerful specifications making it one of the toChromebooksok for writers.

What most people won’t like is the price tag but the device totally justifies the hefty price tag and if you are a professional writer who deals with creative content or a professional author then this is the device for you. But, if you are a beginner writer and want to pursue your passion as a talented writer then look for some reasonable options in our list as this one requires deep pockets and can break your wallet.

Overall, Samsung Chromebook features an illuminated keyboard with an intuitive layout, premium display, robust memory that is available in less than $1,000 cash is an ultimate Chromebook for writers.

  • Sturdy design
  • Powerful specs
  • Super-sharp display
  • Audio quality could be improved

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i the greatest Chromebook for writers not because it has powerful specs but because with premium features it only costs you under $300 which is insane. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i is one of the cheapest Chromebooks for writers that can be used for publishing your thesis, term paper, writing your book.

Regarding the display,  the Chromebook comes with an 11-inch HD IPS display and offers 1366 x 768 resolution that offers wide viewing angles and gives you a clear view of the screen from a maximum of 178 degrees from both sides.

Although 11-inch a is smaller size there will be sharp pixels and being IPS makes it a reliable display that comes with great color reproduction to give you exceptional visual quality. The best part is that the anti-glare backlit display handles reflections properly. So you can enjoy a clearer watching experience with vivid and vibrant colors.

Writing is one of the mind-bending jobs and when it comes to content writing for ebooks, where the writer or publisher might be using a handful of tools like MS Office, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, then at least the device should be capable enough to make the journey of writing comfortably.

Moving on, you can use this Chromebook as a stand, laptop, tablet, and tented mode that makes the Chromebook highly suitable for writers and authors. As it’s a 2-in-1 device but not detachable, so you would be able to use it at 180 degrees. Regarding the weight of the device, this Chromebook weighs only 2.6 pounds that makes it extremely lightweight and effortless.

Although writing doesn’t demand powerful specifications as there are no demanding programs to be utilized by editors. But still having a next-generation laptop for writers can enable you to do a handful of other activities like programming, gaming, or video editing to use the full potential of the laptop. All in all, Chromebooks come with easier to understand interface, limited memory that makes them highly suitable for writing, browsing, watching, streaming, and listening to songs.

Plus, there are cheaply priced Chromebooks with basic features and here are expensive Chromebook as we mentioned one in our list equipped with premium features that make them great for other professional activities.

The device has 4GB RAM, 64GB MMC storage but writers literally don’t need higher storage and if needed, cloud storage is available as a solution. This one has a built-in webcam and a microphone as well.

Finally, the built-in anti-virus ensures utmost protection of your data allowing you to flawlessly work with most Google applications.

All in all, this Chromebook is an impressive pick for writers and the best part of it is that it allows you to effortlessly finish your tasks and won’t even put a dent in your wallet.

  • Superior display
  • Immense flexibility
  • Audible mic and cam
  • Specifications are mid-range

5. Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate is something that you would love to get your hands on. This is a smashing Chromebook for writers because it weighs only 1.6 pounds and guest what this is the highest Chromebook for writers on this entire list.

Regarding the display, the Google Pixel Slate comes with 12.3” which offers a resolution of 2000×3000 resulting in stunning image quality. What’s more interesting is that speakers are facing on the front and also offering supreme voice quality as well.

There are a handful of powerful specifications including the Intel Core m3 processor that in combination with the 8GB RAM ensures that you won’t feel a lag for performance. Similarly, there is a 64GB SSD storage which is limited but you can extend it with cloud storage.

This device is much cheaper compared with other contenders on the list and if you can make this small investment you will definitely be able to work on time.

Moving on, the laptop offers 12-hours of battery backup that’s more than any other Chromebook on our list. Compared with all the Chromebooks for writers on our list, this one has the highest battery life that makes it extremely portable for those who are constantly on the go.

Overall, this is a feature-rich Chromebook and checks all the marks as the best Chromebook for writers and it is something that every writer would dream of owning.

  • Stellar CPU performance
  • Unique display
  • Powerful battery life
  • Slightly expensive

6. HP Chromebook 14

The next Chromebook that we recommend for content writing for ebooks or publishing your upcoming blogs is HP Chromebook 14. The higher number of reviews state this is in killer demand for writers. Either you are a part-time or full-time writer, you would love to enjoy the features of this Chromebook. Let’s further explore why this tablet-like Chromebook is getting popular in the top-end writer.

When it comes to writing large documents, literature, or speech, you need a bigger screen and a bigger screen Chromebook for writers is none other than this one. Keeping the budget point in mind, this Chromebook offers decent features allowing you to do the intense research and development for crafting words for your blog posts, proposals, or letters.

Moving on, the 14-inch display with 1080p resolution is more than enough for college students because the laptop would be compact enough to put in the backpack. Furthermore, there are situations where school students attend online classes and can easily take notes of the stuff during the zoom class on this 14-inch display. The IPS LED backlight technology ensures you get the best writing and viewing experience.

Regarding specifications, the machine comes with 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage which is literally limited and you may need a microSD card for storage expansion or you would have to use the Google Drive or Dropbox online storage options which are considerably cheaper and offer a huge amount of storage space.

The HP Chromebook 14 offers 10 hours of battery backup which is amazingly great as writers are always changing locations because that’s just how the writing work is which requires a laptop to have a high battery backup. This device with its compact design and bigger battery life can help you write anywhere you want.

Overall, this Chromebook is cheaper and offers a handful of perks that make it ideal for online education, writing tasks, and assignments. All in all, this Chromebook is worth the money you will spend on it.

  • Great design
  • A handful of connectivity ports
  • Memory and Cpu are fantastic
  • Extremely limited storage

7. Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook

Next, we have is Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook, a stunningly amazing Chromebook for writers because certain features of this Chromebook make it special for writers and top on the list of extremely thinner bezels which give you plenty of screen real-estate to work and other one is the 13.3-inch FHD monitor that is based on IPS panel to ensure you get the best color schemes and top-notch brightness that ultimately helps in writing activities.

Writers don’t need demanding visuals but they do expect professional display from the Chromebook. Important elements of a display for writers are comfortability for eyes, size of the display because the bigger the display is the bigger font-size writers can use.

The best display for writers is the Retina display which is a high-end display and is only available in MacBooks. With touchscreen displays and 2-in-1 displays, you get to see a general-purpose display. At least this Chromebook has a non-touch narrow border IPS display and allows you to grasp the tiniest details without any blurriness.

And, if you hate noisy typewriters and want to upgrade your existing system, then this is the Chromebook that enables you to write down crucial pointers. With this device, you can do late-night writing if you are a digital marketer.

Regarding specifications, this device is equipped with 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD which is more than enough hand much better than an HDD where there are higher chances of losing your data due to any mechanical faults that makes the SSD superior over HDD.

First of all, the device rotates in 360 degrees that means students can rotate the whole device to use it as a tablet. There are speakers as well in this Chromebook facing towards the front which impacts the hearing and dents the audio quality.

Moving on, this Chromebook comes with a decent keyboard that facilitates writers with great keys and travel distance. It isn’t the Smart Keyboard but better than different colored keyboards. It gives no difficulty in finding high keys. As a writer, you should avoid a flimsy keyboard and this chicklet style keyboard can boost productivity.

Overall, this is the best Chromebook designed for writing and all the features and specifications make it a top-end option for writers. The super-fast snappy performance, convertible design, and high-quality display make it the most suitable laptop for writing jobs.

  • Thinner bezels result in intense image quality
  • Great memory
  • 10 hours of battery backup
  • The pen is sold separately

8. Samsung Chromebook 4

A successful writer is the one who delivers articles on time and delivers assignments on time and what’s more important for a successful writer is a device he or she is using. Samsung Chromebook 4 is one of the best laptops for writers which is a middle-class laptop and is ideal for writers. This practical laptop is a good choice given the price of the laptop and is listed among the top-notch chrome books.

Furthermore, this device comes with parental controls giving the parents peace of mind that their kids are only browsing certain types of websites.

Moving on, this machine is spill-resistant that makes it good for home use as if you have kids around then you won’t worry about the spills throws. That’s not all, the device is dust-resistant and the best part is the 13-hours of battery backup which makes it the best small laptop for writers regarding battery life.

Moving on, this good machine is equipped with 4GB of Ram and 32GB storage which is extremely limited for such a device. There is another variant of this device with 6GB Ram and 64GB eMMC storage if you intend to get a device with higher storage making it the best laptop for editing and writing content.

The device comes with ultra-fast connectivity options and is listed among the cheaply priced Chromebooks. This is an excellent choice for beginner writers and can help you install various software programs like notepad.

Overall, this is the slimmest budget Chromebook by Samsung that offers all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great Chromebook for writers. All in all, this is the most impressive Chromebook for writers that helps writers effortlessly complete their tasks without emptying the bank.

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 13-hours battery backup
  • Decent memory
  • No touchscreen

9. Lenovo Chromebook C340

If you want a Chromebook for mostly browsing and writing then your shopping for a laptop ends here because the Lenovo Chromebook C340 is a reliable computer and the best budget Chromebook for writers. It’s popular among travel bloggers and let me tell you what makes it the best laptop for travel bloggers.

This machine comes equipped with a stunning Intel Celeron N4000 processor, a 4GB RAM unit, and a 32GB storage device. If you demand more storage, then you can purchase online cloud storage from Google or Dropbox.

This is a 2-in-1 device that means you can use it as a Chromebook as well as a tablet and that’s what makes it preferable for students and writers wanting to give presentations. Furthermore, this Chromebook enables you to perform meetings with your colleagues or clients through online meeting programs.

Regarding specifications, this is a powerful laptop to handle a lot of tablets. Other than that the built-in speaker provides cinema-quality audio, support for photo editing, and also allows you to stream videos and use the most advanced software programs.

As this is Chrome operating system, therefore regular writers can find this user-friendly and it is definitely suitable for text writers and can run solid applications as well.

If you are into the creative content creation niche, then this is something you shouldn’t use because of the underrated display with 1386 x 768 resolution which is not good because the high-quality display is highly demanded by professional writers and this one can get your writing done on a cheap laptop but only using a word processor, not in any other high-end typing application. But, it’s a personal choice for the writer to choose the cheaper option.

Overall, this Chromebook offers 10 hours of battery backup which is enough for business people and authors, and entrepreneurs. All in all, this device offers fabulous storage, exceptional battery, and an amazing price tag.

  • Good storage and processor
  • Solid battery life
  • Many ports
  • Expensive Price tag

Choosing the best Chromebook

Choosing the best Chromebook for writers totally depends on the specifications. Even though the specifications are limited, but there is a range of models with similar specifications allowing you to choose the one that suits your need.

To help you make the ideal decision, we have crafted this list of main features of Chromebooks that affect the performance of Chromebooks and can help you decide which Chromebook is the best for writing purposes.


Processing is the main ingredient of any laptop machine and mostly it decides the speed of a device and processing power ranges from device to device as you cannot expect the processing speed of a MacBook from a Chromebook.

A powerful machine can be equipped with a Core m3 which is the absolute best choice for writers.


RAM is also an important element of a computer and makes sure to get a minimum 8GB RAM Chromebook to get a decent speed for writing and browsing.

Having 4GB RAM can make the device slower, but having 8GB can help you perform multiple tasks like watching movies, listening to songs, or writing articles.


The display is important as writing involves serious viewing and the display should be bigger, better regarding resolution, and comfortable for eyes as well. Common Chromebook display sizes are 11 to 13” ranging to 14” as well. One thing is sure that the bigger and larger the screen is the more comfortable it will be done a mind-blowing job.

Ports: Ports are not concerned with Chromebooks as everything you do on Chromebook is linked to cloud storage. There is though USB-C port in a few devices for moving data from one device to the other.

Different Between a Chromebook and a laptop

The only difference the separates the laptop from a Chromebook is the Operating System. Chromebooks work on Chrome OS which is the operating system by Google and is a browser-based operating system that makes it faster and nibbles.

On the other end, the laptops are equipped with a Windows operating system that is extremely user-friendly but consumes a lot of resources, and that’s why Windows-based laptops are usually expensive because of the expensive hardware that is important for such devices.

The downside of the chrome os is that you cannot install typical software programs as you can do in Windows. Therefore there is limited computation in Chromebooks, but they are recommended for writers because they meet all the working requirements.

Advantages of using Chromebooks

Chromebook is a cheaper and lightweight device which writers demand. On the other hand, they are extremely portable that allows the writer to keep them along all the time to do their writing work anywhere they like.

Writing requires creativity and for that writers need a specialized environment to gather the next pointers for their article.

Do writers use laptops for their work?

Yes, writers do use other laptops like MacBooks or general laptops by HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. The biggest difference between the Chromebooks and other computers besides the OS is budget and computer specifications.

Chromebooks are equipped with basic specifications whereas other types of laptops have powerful specifications that create the price gap in both. If writers can afford expensive MacBooks, then there is no point in investing in Chromebooks.

But, Chromebooks are preferred by many writers because they are cheaper, highly portable, offer the longest battery life, and are lightweight.


In the end, I would say that prefer Chromebook if you are short on budget and cannot afford hefty Macbooks or Notebooks because if the sole purpose of getting a computer is writing then the best suitable option for you is Chromebooks. As mentioned earlier, the prime advantage of having a Chromebook is that you won’t have to spend a dime just getting a laptop. Secondly, they are extremely portable, lightweight, and offer the highest battery backup than any other type of laptop that makes them superior for writing jobs.

All in all, you have all the best Chromebooks to choose your desired one. We recommend Google Pixelbook because this is an amazing device for working while commuting, making few edits to your desired documents, and sending final versions as quickly as possible. Other than that, it has a reliable battery so meeting the deadlines won’t be an issue for you.

If not, there are other possible options allowing you to pick the ideal one depending on your needs. I hope you will be able to get the best Chromebook according to your preferences.

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